Desmond at 17 Months

I should have been doing this the whole time, but oh well.

Des at 17 months

Nicknames: Des, Des-O, Budders

Words: Dah! (duck – also refers to Jayhawks and other birds), Nana (banana, also means snack or food in general), Mama (refers to either parent), Li-Li (his friend Eliza; also possibly means “I Love You”).

Mobility: This kid cannot get enough of walking. He wants to walk on his own EVERYWHERE! This is fun, but also means I’ve got to watch him like a hawk: if we are in a store and he is walking, he takes off down aisles FAST – grocery shopping takes a long time this way. Outside, he wants to go where he pleases; if we try to redirect him, he will often run away from us OR squat on the ground and cry about it. He has scared me a number of times by walking down our driveway heading into the street – need to start some training on that one.

Likes: Books, bananas, being outside, dogs, walking, building towers with blocks and dramatically knocking them down, wrestling with papa.

Favorites: Book – We’re Going on a Bear Hunt Food – Banana

Personality: Des loves figuring things out; independent; curious but cautious; friendly (he waves at EVERYONE); sweet; funny.

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Baby #2 at 15.5 weeks

I looked back at my post in August – once a week??? What was I thinking??? I have an active toddler on my hands, who has time to blog? Seriously, I am impressed by the food bloggers that just had babies and are still cooking, baking, and blogging; no idea how they do it.

Anyway, in December we found out that we are expecting again! Yippee! So, like before, here’s a short and sweet update/journal entry:

Baby #2

Gender: Unknown, we’ll find out on March 12th.

Nicknames: Basil

Mama feels: This pregnancy has been way different than my first with Des. I was sick A LOT during the first trimester, and while the puking has stopped, I still feel really, really tired most of the day. Now, this could be contributed to running around after an active 17 month old as will as cooking a baby; however, I found out at my monthly appointment today that my iron is low, so that is also contributing to my my weariness.

Cravings: They come and go, but lately I’ve been craving burgers (might be due to my low iron), ice cream, queso, and orange juice. I can seriously drink a whole gallon of OJ by myself in a couple days time.

Emotions: Really just tired, and somewhat lethargic. I’m hoping getting on an iron supplement will help this.

Predictions: Nate and I both are thinking girl, but we’ll find out soon enough!

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Baby, Moving, Settling In

It is August 26th, 2013.

My last post is dated August 14, 2012.

Time flies when you’re figuring out how to be a mom…

This is a quick update. Now that my darling son is almost a year old and I’ve gotten used to being a stay-at-home mom, I am hoping to get back into the blog-o-sphere. My goal is to post something once a week, but no promises. I think we’ll be lucky if I get once a month, but I have high hopes and lots of things I would like to tell you about…you being, well, maybe it’ll just be for myself…

Okay, here we go…

What’s happened since August 14, 2012? Obviously, there is a lot that has happened in the past year, but this is the gist of it: baby, move, settling in.

First, I had a baby! Desmond Colgate was born 2 weeks early under some pretty crazy circumstances. Nate and I went in to triage thinking my water had broken – it hadn’t, but I DID have preeclampsia. This was strange news to me, as my blood pressure had been normal all throughout my pregnancy – until now. We were admitted at 10:00pm,

 and Desmond was born at 9:30am the next morning. It was a crazy whirlwind, but we were so happy to finally meet our little man.

Two months after Desmond was born, we packed up, said goodbye to our friends who had become our San Diego family, and headed back East to Lawrence, Kansas. This was another crazy whirlwind, but we are feeling settled and continue to receive confirmation from God that this is where we are supposed to be. We love being closer our families (and the grandparents LOVE having Des closer!), and I have really fallen for Lawrence. A future blog post I hope to put together is my top 10 things I love about Lawrence.

Here’s hoping I can be a little more consistent on this blog starting today! Until then, here are a few pictures of our little man:



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Single Digits


Week: 32. 8 more weeks to go! Also, only 39 more work days before my due date. Yes, I’m counting those too!

Baby Gender: Boy!

Nicknames for baby boy: Nougat, Colgate

Mama is feeling: Pretty good. It’s been unusually hot for San Diego for the past two weeks, so I’ve been more uncomfortable than in weeks past. I’ve always hated being hot, even pre-pregnancy. Luckily, we have a small AC unit in the bedroom that is pointed on me at all times, so I am able to sleep.

Cravings: Fruit – my mother-in-law and I went to the Farmer’s Market this weekend and stocked up on grapes, peaches, mango, cherries – and it’s already mostly gone. Still have a sweet-tooth, but have noticed that my cravings for sweets are much more directly related to my emotions lately. Example: I’ve been feeling tired and sad today, and there are donuts in the break room at work – I want one terribly, even though on Saturday I mentioned to Nathan how donuts never sound good anymore.

Movement: LOTS! Nougat is getting bigger, and his movement is bigger.

Joys: Birthing class. Started last week, and I love it. I think going makes everything feel so real. Another joy is how confident I am feeling regarding labor. I’m actually looking forward to it.

Not-so-joyful: The heat, which not only causes me to be overheated, but also overemotional even more than usual.


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30 Down, 10 To Go


Week: 30!!!!! Whoa, where’d the time go???

Baby Gender: Boy!

Nicknames for baby boy: Nougat, Colgate

Mama is feeling: Really good. Still have acid reflux, but thankfully I’ve been able to pinpoint the foods/drinks that cause it the most and do my best to avoid them (sadly, this includes citrus and chocolate…two of my loves…). I passed the 3 hour glucose test – yippee!!

Cravings: These have gotten a little more random…I had a major craving for bagels last week, so I went to the store just to pick some up. After eating them all weekend, the craving was gone. Still love anything sweet; Nate and I have put ourselves on a sweets fast, allowing ourselves only to have them on Saturdays. It’s hard, but I find myself picking up a piece of fruit instead, and it tastes SO GOOD (we ate about 5 nectarines last night!).

Movement: LOTS! Baby boy is getting bigger and stronger, so the flutters have given way to major kicks and rolls.

Joys: Had a great 29 week check-up – everything is looking good.

Not-so-joyful: Still have some MAJOR swelling in the feet – preggo in the summer is not always awesome. Also, I’ve getting antsy to meet this little boy, but still feel like there is so much to do, so juggling those two feelings is hard. Along with that, my emotions have gotten pretty wacky again. It is not uncommon for me to burst into tears over random and/or not so random things.


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100 Days ‘Til October 8


Week: 25; 26 on Monday

Baby Gender: Boy!

Nicknames for baby boy: Nougat, Colgate

Mama is feeling: Pretty good. My only complaints are 1) my feet have decided to swell up to the point of my shoes not fitting (lame) and 2) failing my initial glucose test, which means I get to sit for 3 hours for another one (just annoyed). Other than that, I am thankful for how great I’ve been feeling.

Cravings: Fizzy water, anything sweet (and I do mean ANYTHING – may explain my glucose test fail…), pasta, pickles.

Movement: Nougat is destined to be either a soccer player or a swimmer with the amount he is kicking and doing somersaults.

Joys: Nougat is healthy, mama is feeling good.

Not-so-joyful: Swollen feet, acid reflux

100 days until my due date!

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Baby Update

I’m so mean…I go and post the baby news and then go silent for months. Well, here’s an update, and also a chance for me to document a bit of how being preggo is going…


Week: 22

Baby Gender: Boy!

Nicknames for baby boy: Nougat, Colgate

Mama is feeling: much better 2nd trimester than 1st trimester. While I was blessed with just mild morning sickness (no puking, just nausea), it wasn’t fun. Week 13-14 rolled around, and suddenly I was a new person.

Cravings: Oven roasted chicken sandwich from Subway, pickles, anything sweet, and…alcohol! This last one is the strangest for me. Don’t worry, I do not partake in the alcohol craving. Instead, I add fizzy water to juice or limeade, which is tasty, refreshing, and non-alcoholic. 🙂

Movement: In the last month, I’ve been able to feel Nougat move more and more. Sunday, Nate felt him for the first time! This week Nougat’s “high fives” have been getting a lot stronger.

Joys: Baby movement, feeling good 99% of the time.

Not-so-joyful: Overheated, some rough nights of sleep, acid reflux

Overall, I’m enjoying being pregnant, but am super excited to meet this little guy!

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Baby on the way!

It’s official – Sarah and Nathan are becoming Sarah and Nathan and baby! We’re due October 8th!

 BabyFruit Ticker

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I’m always amazed at the creativity of others. It is inspiring.

Nathan Cooper is an 11 year old that I have the honor of knowing. He’s one of the most creative people I’ve ever met! Check out this product that he’s trying to raise money for on Kickstarter – they’re Ruler Pencils!

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In June, Nathan completed his first ever Ironman 70.3. I am so proud of him! I trained along side him for almost a year, and was cheering loudly as he crossed the finish line in Lawrence, Kansas in just under 7 hours.

As we trained together for that, I realized how much I need motivation to get myself to work out. My motivation for the last year has been spending time with my husband (he trained 6 days a week, so the YMCA became our date night). Now, I needed something else to shoot for.

Inspired by my husband, I signed up for my second triathlon, the SheROX Sprint Tri in San Diego on October 16th. My first triathlon, a super sprint, was two years ago; this tri is one level above that first one.

I’m in my second week of training, and one new thing that I’m doing is journaling about the training. I think this is helpful for two reasons: 1) I am able to see myself get faster/stronger, and 2) it helps me process emotionally what I’m feeling during training. To jump start the little bloggy blog again, I’ll be posting some of the training journal entries here.

If you’ve never done a triathlon before, I highly encourage you to give it a shot. It’s way more fun than just running! 🙂

For some inspiration, check out Nate’s Ironman pictures here.

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