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It’s been a year and a month, but I’ve finally, FINALLY gotten a wedding album together. It took some major time…we had a TON of pictures, and since we had numerous activities before the wedding, we had even MORE pictures … Continue reading

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Today I decided to unplug from Social Networking for a bit – FB and Twitter specifically. Perhaps this will kick start a new wave of blogging again; since those two sites were my go-to sites when I was bored, maybe … Continue reading


Pucks Dropping

Whoa. When you live in a city that doesn’t have a hockey team, and you don’t watch much television anymore, and even if you did, your city doesn’t air any hockey games on the local stations anyway, well, when you … Continue reading

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Video Killed the Radio Star…But What Killed Good Videos?

I can clearly remember MTV’s early years. I loved my MTV. I would sit with my dad and watch Madonna, Dire Straits, ZZ Top, and Cyndie Lauper tell stories through their songs. MTV in the 80s was awesome. MTV now … Continue reading

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Good Intentions

I think we often go through life filled with good intentions that never take shape. These intentions sit in our heads, waiting to be given life, but are never given a chance. Before to long, these good intentions die off … Continue reading

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Stuff Christians Like – The "Is that contestant on American Idol a Christian?" Scorecard

The “Is that contestant on American Idol a Christian? Scorecard” 47. During a commercial break, they try to lay hands on Ryan Seacrest = + 2 points   To add up your score with over a 130 other ideas on this … Continue reading


Websites for Churches

 CityGates   Everyone seems to be on the internet these days. My mom has a Facebook page; Nathan’s grandparents have email addresses and Facebook; former and current co-workers are LinkedIn; news agencies are following Twitter for the most current breaking … Continue reading

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College Advertising

Colleges and Universities today are really doing a great job using the popular social networking sites to connect to current and future students. And now, YouTube. The Chronicle of Higher Education featured this video as one of their favorites. It … Continue reading

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Cooking Classes

This blog should have been written last week, but, well, things got busy again. So here it is now. For Christmas, Mellie and I got cooking classes from our dear, sweet husbands. While this could be taken a completely different … Continue reading

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2 years ago Nathan and I joined a community group at church that met on Thursday nights. In the bulletin, the leaders of this group said that their group would be “done  in time for LOST!!!” (There actually might have … Continue reading

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