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I heart recipes and other fun things to do in the kitchen.

Pie in my Eye

Next Wednesday is Pie Night, an evening dedicated to nothing but pie…well, and a ham cooked in Coke. But it’s really about the pies. Pie Night is a Thanksgiving family tradition for our friends, the Kirklands, and they have established … Continue reading

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Cooking Classes

This blog should have been written last week, but, well, things got busy again. So here it is now. For Christmas, Mellie and I got cooking classes from our dear, sweet husbands. While this could be taken a completely different … Continue reading

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Thanks, Amatuer Gourmet!

About a year ago, I started using Google Reader (GR) to keep track of all of the blogs that I liked to read on a regular basis. Based on what you are already reading, GR will suggest blogs that you … Continue reading

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