Cooking Classes

This blog should have been written last week, but, well, things got busy again. So here it is now.

For Christmas, Mellie and I got cooking classes from our dear, sweet husbands. While this could be taken a completely different way, we both actually wanted them. We signed up for the class of our choice, and our first class was Thursday. Below are some pics of the items we made with our group: Mellie helped with the pork loin, and I made the mashed potatoes.

The potatoes boil. I am very impatient with potatoes. Our teacher, Chef Jen, said to boil them until you could easily stick a knife through. That took FOREVER.

Here, Mellie is peppering the pork.

The pretty pork is tied up and ready to be cooked.

Ooo…so golden!

This asparagus was AMAZING. I want to make it all the time now.

The class is every Thursday during the month of February. I will be posting pics here after each class to show off our cooking skills. The best part about the class is getting to eat everything we make!

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