Pucks Dropping

Whoa. When you live in a city that doesn’t have a hockey team, and you don’t watch much television anymore, and even if you did, your city doesn’t air any hockey games on the local stations anyway, well, when you put all those things together, it comes as a surprise to you when you find out that the hockey playoffs are just starting.

During the Winter Olympics, I did get to rediscover my love of the game. Suddenly, hockey was being broadcast in San Diego. Joy! Even the Russia vs. Czech Republic game gave me a thrill.

And then, it was gone. Canada won the gold in a nail biting overtime game, and then, no more hockey. Out of sight, out of mind.

But now…here we are, playoff time. And wouldn’t you know, 2 of the 3 California teams are in the running? What the what?

I can clearly remember watching the Flames getting beat by (I think) the Tampa Bay Lightning, and I was TICKED because some state down south who didn’t know what ice was beat out a team from hockey country. (I’m a Minnesota girl…if the Wild aren’t in it, I’ll probably go for a team from Canada. It just seems right…well, unless it’s Vancouver…) But now…after living in California for almost 3 years, and the Kings and the Sharks in the playoffs, I feel like I’ve gotta support one of them.

I think this would be a good time to spring for cable.

Side note: I discovered that it was the playoffs via a food blog, and I love that.

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