What I Like About Cruises: A List

In no particular order:
1. Lounge Chairs
2. Waterslides
3. No need to get in a car, drive to the store, pick up groceries, bring them home, prep, cook, serve, do dishes…just go to the restaurant, look at the menu (with no prices!), and say, “I’ll have…this…”
4. Jacuzzi’s open until 12am
5. Karaoke
6. Speed Scrabble with friends to determine who will have to sing Karaoke
7. Felix Watch
8.Snorkeling in Catalina
9. Towel Animals
10. Time with Nathan
11. Time with friends
12. Lazy days in the sun
13. Soft serve ice cream 24/7
14. Mini-golf
15. Sunsets
16. Excuse to get a new bathing suit (that I LOVE)
17. Reading…a lot
18. Sleeping in, in a room that is cave-like so you never actually know what time it is.

For more pics of our Carnival Cruise, click here!
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