We did it.

We ran 13.1 miles. In Austin, TX. Up SO.MANY.HILLS.

It’s crazy that we trained for so long, and now the race is over. It feels exactly like I would feel after Quest was over at Crown – exhilarating, but now I keep wondering what is next.

I would seriously encourage everyone to do a race sometime – a 5K, a 10K, or, if running isn’t your thing, a walk of some kind with a big group. It’s that morning of that is so exciting, that gets your heart pumping before you even cross the starting line. So many folks doing the same thing you’re doing; so many people who have been training for this exact same moment in other places around the country. It’s cool to feel a part of something so big.

Not cool: having your leg cramp up on the flight home 6 hours after you finish the race. 🙁

But, despite the leg cramp and ridiculous amount of hills, I am researching what I want to run next. 🙂 And doing a 10K in April!

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