In June, Nathan completed his first ever Ironman 70.3. I am so proud of him! I trained along side him for almost a year, and was cheering loudly as he crossed the finish line in Lawrence, Kansas in just under 7 hours.

As we trained together for that, I realized how much I need motivation to get myself to work out. My motivation for the last year has been spending time with my husband (he trained 6 days a week, so the YMCA became our date night). Now, I needed something else to shoot for.

Inspired by my husband, I signed up for my second triathlon, the SheROX Sprint Tri in San Diego on October 16th. My first triathlon, a super sprint, was two years ago; this tri is one level above that first one.

I’m in my second week of training, and one new thing that I’m doing is journaling about the training. I think this is helpful for two reasons: 1) I am able to see myself get faster/stronger, and 2) it helps me process emotionally what I’m feeling during training. To jump start the little bloggy blog again, I’ll be posting some of the training journal entries here.

If you’ve never done a triathlon before, I highly encourage you to give it a shot. It’s way more fun than just running! 🙂

For some inspiration, check out Nate’s Ironman pictures here.

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