Baby Update

I’m so mean…I go and post the baby news and then go silent for months. Well, here’s an update, and also a chance for me to document a bit of how being preggo is going…


Week: 22

Baby Gender: Boy!

Nicknames for baby boy: Nougat, Colgate

Mama is feeling: much better 2nd trimester than 1st trimester. While I was blessed with just mild morning sickness (no puking, just nausea), it wasn’t fun. Week 13-14 rolled around, and suddenly I was a new person.

Cravings: Oven roasted chicken sandwich from Subway, pickles, anything sweet, and…alcohol! This last one is the strangest for me. Don’t worry, I do not partake in the alcohol craving. Instead, I add fizzy water to juice or limeade, which is tasty, refreshing, and non-alcoholic. 🙂

Movement: In the last month, I’ve been able to feel Nougat move more and more. Sunday, Nate felt him for the first time! This week Nougat’s “high fives” have been getting a lot stronger.

Joys: Baby movement, feeling good 99% of the time.

Not-so-joyful: Overheated, some rough nights of sleep, acid reflux

Overall, I’m enjoying being pregnant, but am super excited to meet this little guy!

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