100 Days ‘Til October 8


Week: 25; 26 on Monday

Baby Gender: Boy!

Nicknames for baby boy: Nougat, Colgate

Mama is feeling: Pretty good. My only complaints are 1) my feet have decided to swell up to the point of my shoes not fitting (lame) and 2) failing my initial glucose test, which means I get to sit for 3 hours for another one (just annoyed). Other than that, I am thankful for how great I’ve been feeling.

Cravings: Fizzy water, anything sweet (and I do mean ANYTHING – may explain my glucose test fail…), pasta, pickles.

Movement: Nougat is destined to be either a soccer player or a swimmer with the amount he is kicking and doing somersaults.

Joys: Nougat is healthy, mama is feeling good.

Not-so-joyful: Swollen feet, acid reflux

100 days until my due date!

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