30 Down, 10 To Go


Week: 30!!!!! Whoa, where’d the time go???

Baby Gender: Boy!

Nicknames for baby boy: Nougat, Colgate

Mama is feeling: Really good. Still have acid reflux, but thankfully I’ve been able to pinpoint the foods/drinks that cause it the most and do my best to avoid them (sadly, this includes citrus and chocolate…two of my loves…). I passed the 3 hour glucose test – yippee!!

Cravings: These have gotten a little more random…I had a major craving for bagels last week, so I went to the store just to pick some up. After eating them all weekend, the craving was gone. Still love anything sweet; Nate and I have put ourselves on a sweets fast, allowing ourselves only to have them on Saturdays. It’s hard, but I find myself picking up a piece of fruit instead, and it tastes SO GOOD (we ate about 5 nectarines last night!).

Movement: LOTS! Baby boy is getting bigger and stronger, so the flutters have given way to major kicks and rolls.

Joys: Had a great 29 week check-up – everything is looking good.

Not-so-joyful: Still have some MAJOR swelling in the feet – preggo in the summer is not always awesome. Also, I’ve getting antsy to meet this little boy, but still feel like there is so much to do, so juggling those two feelings is hard. Along with that, my emotions have gotten pretty wacky again. It is not uncommon for me to burst into tears over random and/or not so random things.


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