Baby #2 at 15.5 weeks

I looked back at my post in August – once a week??? What was I thinking??? I have an active toddler on my hands, who has time to blog? Seriously, I am impressed by the food bloggers that just had babies and are still cooking, baking, and blogging; no idea how they do it.

Anyway, in December we found out that we are expecting again! Yippee! So, like before, here’s a short and sweet update/journal entry:

Baby #2

Gender: Unknown, we’ll find out on March 12th.

Nicknames: Basil

Mama feels: This pregnancy has been way different than my first with Des. I was sick A LOT during the first trimester, and while the puking has stopped, I still feel really, really tired most of the day. Now, this could be contributed to running around after an active 17 month old as will as cooking a baby; however, I found out at my monthly appointment today that my iron is low, so that is also contributing to my my weariness.

Cravings: They come and go, but lately I’ve been craving burgers (might be due to my low iron), ice cream, queso, and orange juice. I can seriously drink a whole gallon of OJ by myself in a couple days time.

Emotions: Really just tired, and somewhat lethargic. I’m hoping getting on an iron supplement will help this.

Predictions: Nate and I both are thinking girl, but we’ll find out soon enough!

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