Desmond at 17 Months

I should have been doing this the whole time, but oh well.

Des at 17 months

Nicknames: Des, Des-O, Budders

Words: Dah! (duck – also refers to Jayhawks and other birds), Nana (banana, also means snack or food in general), Mama (refers to either parent), Li-Li (his friend Eliza; also possibly means “I Love You”).

Mobility: This kid cannot get enough of walking. He wants to walk on his own EVERYWHERE! This is fun, but also means I’ve got to watch him like a hawk: if we are in a store and he is walking, he takes off down aisles FAST – grocery shopping takes a long time this way. Outside, he wants to go where he pleases; if we try to redirect him, he will often run away from us OR squat on the ground and cry about it. He has scared me a number of times by walking down our driveway heading into the street – need to start some training on that one.

Likes: Books, bananas, being outside, dogs, walking, building towers with blocks and dramatically knocking them down, wrestling with papa.

Favorites: Book – We’re Going on a Bear Hunt Food – Banana

Personality: Des loves figuring things out; independent; curious but cautious; friendly (he waves at EVERYONE); sweet; funny.

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