I’m Sarah. I grew up in Minnesota and lived there until 2007 when God decided I’d had enough of snow and cold (thank-you Jesus!) and led me to take a job in San Diego. I was the Executive Assistant to the President at a growing Christian liberal arts college for five years. I’m a travel-loving introverted bookworm who is becoming a runner. I married my best friend in June of 2009, and we had our first child September of 2012. We moved back to the Midwest, where I have been re-acclimated to cold and snow and took on the new role of stay-at-home mom. I’ve been learning a lot about myself and life through marriage and motherhood, and some of those lessons will probably show up here from time to time. I’m strange, eccentric, goofy, and random. You’ve been warned.

This is Nathan. I met him the first day I moved to San Diego, no joke. God works in mysterious ways. Nathan owns his own business called Brand New Box and is probably the funniest person I know. He grew up in Kansas, but also spent time in California. Nathan is an adventurous, story-telling, brilliant stud. He is also goofy, strange, and can be random at times, which means we’re hilarious together. Love.

8696599933_90a8ac9b0eThis is Desmond. He is hilarious, easy-going, and a joy. His current loves are food, dogs, music, and throwing things on the floor from his highchair. Also biting (not a fan). We think he’s the most adorable kid ever, and I think it is starting to go to his head.


We lived in what we like to call the “moral crossroads” of North Park in San Diego. We had an amazing community of friends, a really great church, and were sad to leave them when we moved back to the Midwest after the birth of our son. We now reside in Lawrence (Rock Chalk!), and the grandparents are grateful Des is so much closer.

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